'We welcome you to Hanham Photographic Society

In our programme we try to incorporate all our members' interests, such as lectures by highly-skilled photographers, audio-visual productions and practical evenings. A few times during the year we will hold a "digital evening" where one of our members give tuition on an aspect of image editing, and all members are asked to being and show images on a set subject.

We have members who will hold workshops for members new to photography, to cover any aspect they want. This covers all types of photography, from mobile phones, drones, mirrorless and DSLR to film cameras.

We all enjoy the very relaxed social side of the club's activities, these include weekend walks, and visits to places of interest, as well as some summer evenings out on our club night.At least once a year we go away for a week to a photographic location but this is also socially based.

On the first Monday of every month we have what is called the Monday Club, for obvious reasons, where we try to visit places of interest using only the bus, and on occasion we travel to out of the way places with car sharing. This is a part of the club not to be missed, as we always stop for food and drink after a hard days photography. We also have an annual barbecue and Christmas social.

We occasionally have get-togethers with other clubs, when we show other clubs our pictures (and vice verse), or hold photographic 'battles' with them.

Throughout the winter months we run a series of competitions for both monochrome and colour workers. Details of all these competitions are available on our website and programme page.

Our finances are drawn from Annual subscriptions and special fund raising events such as our Annual Auction, when members bring along their unwanted photographic items, and two of our members auction them to club members. Items are either donated by members, or they are sold with a percentage going towards the club. This is always a very light-hearted evening!

There is also a coffee / tea break which is run on a rota basis, please see Tea Rota Section for information.

I do hope that this whets your appetite enough for you to come along and join us on a permanent basis. We grant a 50% reduction in membership fees to people aged 16-21 who are in full time education.'