Tea Rota & Information for Members

Tea & Coffee

As most members enjoy a cup of tea or coffee during our Club Evening break, and we have the facilities to ‘self cater’, it’s only fair that the responsibility for it’s provision is shared;- hence the list on the Club notice board, and our website.
HPS supply the ‘makings’, ( there’s a box in our Club cupboard containing a jar of coffee, teabags and sugar). Those on duty are asked to supply fresh milk. Your expenses may be deducted from the evenings takings. Should you choose to forego reimbursement this obviously has an impact on club funds. If your generosity also extends to a packet of biscuits, even better!
The list is compiled entirely arbitrarily, although obvious pairings make sense. If you are unable to fulfil your obligation on the given date, please ask someone to swap. Also, when it is your turn, please try to keep any disturbance to a minimum, especially when we have a speaker, it might be a good idea to sit near the back
Thanks everyone.

    TEA ROTA 2020


    8th January 2020
    Cynthia and Geoff Mallin

    15th January 2020
    Richard Hopkins and Andy Smith

    22nd January 2020
    Bill Mackie and John Smith

    29th January 2020
    Les Ford and Graham Green

    5th February 2020
    Steve Pickering and Mike Abraham

    12th February 2020
    Tony Poole and Glenys Head

    19th February 2020
    Alan James and Fiona Martin

    26th February 2020
    Teresa Hopkins and Sue Bennett

    4th March 2020
    Phil Oates and Mel Morgan

    11th March 2020
    Ray Newton and Diane Williams

    18th March 2020
    Steve Parker and Graham Bluck

    25th March 2020
    Kelvin Iles and Neil Buckland

    1st April 2020
    Adrian Ellis and Peter Weaver

    8th pril 2020
    Sheila Keene and Linda Harris

    15th April 2020
    Steve Hallam and Nick Moore

    22nd April 2020
    Evening out.

    29th April 2020
    Carol Clague and Kim Pickup

    6th May 2020
    Christine Cilia La Court and Helen Sugrue

    13th May 2020
    Cynthia and Geoff Mallin

    20th May 2020
    Richard Hopkins and Bill Mackie

    27th May 2020
    Andy Smith and John Smith

    3rd June 2020
    Les Ford and Mike Abraham

    10th June 2020
    Steve Pickering and Graham Green

    17th June 2020
    Tony Poole and Fiona Martin

    24th June 2020
    Alan James and Glenys Head