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Annual Auction 9th January 2019
One of the Wednesday meetings included in our Club programme every year is an evening devoted to raising a few bob to boost resources. An Auction. In order to make the proceedings a little more entertaining, two members act as auctioneers. Usually Mel and me. While I'm sure Mel and certainly, not me, would expect to win any Oscars for our performance with most members bringing along no-longer-needed items and donating them to the cause, we do manage to accrue some cash. This year it was just shy of £150. Thanks to all concerned.

Many thanks to Mel & Phil for another entertaining evening

Glen has unfortunately had to stand down as Chairperson for personal reasons, the club would like to thank her for all the time and effort she has put in the past two years, thanks Glen, much appreciated.

Linconbe Barn Camera Club Visit 16th January 2019
Glen wrote. What a wonderful evening I had seeing all the outstanding Photos, shown to us, by Linconbe Barn camera club. A very good evening

Thank you to everyone that sent me pictures from the Monday Club Outing to the Bristol Blue Glass Factory