Competition Rules

These rules are to apply to all competitions organised and run by the Hanham Photographic Society.

1. All entrants must be fully paid-up members of the Society.

2. All entrants must own the copyright of their submitted work.

3. Entries must be taken within three years of the competition closing date. Elements used in manipulated images may be older than three years, but the main element of the composition must be taken within three years.

4. Closing dates for entries will be advised in the Society’s Programme and must be strictly adhered to.

5. Colour and monochrome prints may be either home or trade processed.

6. The term Monochrome and Colour have the following meanings (based on definitions issued by FIAP in 1991):

A Monochrome Prints

• All black and white monochrome images are included.

• A black and white image which has been modified by the addition of a single tone to the entire image is defined as a Monochrome Print.

B Colour Prints

All images other than those in (A) above are defined as colour images.

• A black and white image which has been modified by the addition of partial toning or by the addition of one colour to any part of the image is defined as a Colour Print.

7. Prints must be mounted on suitable card sized 40x50cm.

8. All prints shall be titled on the back or front for identification.

9. Digital Projected Images shall be sized at 1600 pixels (maximum) horizontal x 1200 pixels (maximum) vertical, in JPEG format.

10. Digital entries should use the sRGB colour space. If they do not, we cannot guarantee the results when they are projected.

11. Entries must be submitted using the PhotoEntry software licenced by the Society. This includes prints: a suitable digital image of each print should be uploaded for reference purposes.

12. Certificates will be awarded for the four Open Series Competitions.

13. For certain other competitions trophies will be awarded and retained for one year, provided that the winner remains a member of the Society. In the event of membership ceasing these trophies must be returned to the Society immediately.

The Open Series Competitions

1. Four Open Competitions will be held within the period from September to March and the closing and judging dates for each competition will be shown in the Society’s Programme.

2. Each Competition will consist of sections for colour prints, monochrome prints, and digital projected images.

3. The scores from each Competition series will be aggregated and published. Members placed First, Second and Third in the final aggregate scores for each section will be awarded a certificate.

4. Work must have been taken within the last three years and must not have been entered in any previous Open Competition.

5. Each section shall be open for entry by any Member complying with rule 1 of the General Rules.

6. Members may enter up to two images in each section of each competition round.

7. Of the three versions (colour print, mono print and digital projected image) that can be produced from an original image, only one version can be entered in the four Open Competition series. Different versions of an image may be entered in the Annual Exhibition, other competitions or Open Competitions in subsequent years if they meet the other
competition rules.

Points will be awarded in each section on the following basis:

• First place – 20 points

• Second place – 19 points

• Third place – 18 points

• Highly Commended – 17 points

• Commended – 16 points

• All other entries – 15 points

Print and Digital Projected Image of the Year Competition

1. The entries in First, Second and Third place (including equal First, equal Second and equal Third placed entries) and any entries awarded Highly Commended or Commended in each section of the four Open Competitions will be eligible for the annual Print and Digital Projected Image of the Year Competition.

2. All entries which are placed in this competition will be awarded certificates.

The Bristol and Avon Competition

Special rules applicable to this competition:

1. Entrants may submit up to six prints and/or digital images.

2. Digital entries must be submitted using PhotoEntry prior to 6pm on the day of the competition. Prints can be brought on the night but should be submitted on PhotoEntry if possible.

3. Entries must have been taken within one year of the competition date.

4. All entries must be taken within the BS postcode area.

5. Entries are judged by Club members on the night, selecting the best print and the best digital image. The overall winner is selected from these two.

6. The Bristol and Avon Trophy is awarded to the overall winner.

The London Camera Exchange Competition

Special rules applicable to this competition:

1. This annual competition has a theme which is announced in advance and shown in the Programme.

2. The Competition will consist of sections for prints and digital projected images. Members may make up to six entries in each section.

3. All entries must be submitted via PhotoEntry by the closing date shown in the Programme. Prints must be submitted on or before the closing date.

4. The competition is judged by LCE staff.

5. Vouchers are presented to the winners at the discretion of the sponsors.

The David Yeoman Digital A.V. Trophy Competition

1. Entries will be accepted from individual members or groups of two or more members. All entrants and joint entrants must be fully paid up members of the Society.

2. All entrants must own the copyright of images used in the presentation with the exception of historical or archive images used in a narrative context.

3. Video clips may be used. Clip art may not be used.

4. A Digital AV (Audio Visual) sequence is defined as a presentation of images accompanied by a soundtrack, submitted in a file format that can be played on any PC without any additional software requirements (e.g. Pictures to Exe, Pro Show Gold or similar programmes that produce a self-contained executable file).

5. Industry standard format video files requiring a media player (e.g. AVI, WMF) are also acceptable.

6. The soundtrack may be one of, or any combination of, music, narration, and/or recorded sounds.

7. The maximum playing time of a sequence must be no more than 5 minutes (there is no minimum limit).

8. There may be up to two entries per entrant.

9. Entries should be submitted on a CD or USB memory stick. The entrant(s) name should not appear in the file name of the entry or in the sequence. An entry form will be issued to accompany entries for the purpose of identifying winners after judging has taken place.

10. The trophy will be awarded to the winning presentation.

11. The trophy will be retained for one year provided that the winner remains a member of the Society. In the event of membership ceasing the trophy must be returned to the Society immediately.