2020/2021. Zoom Photoentry Instructions

PhotoEntry Instructions

You should have received an email from PhotoEntry. This is generated automatically when you are added to the system. It will contain a link that you should bookmark or save as that is how you will access the system. It also has a user ID which will normally be your email address, and a temporary password. You can copy and paste the temporary password.

See this link below to help you follow the instructions

Click here.

Click on link and log in with your user ID and the temporary password. You must change it to something else to use in the future. You can tell PhotoEntry to remember your user ID to make it easier to log in next time.fter successfully logging in, you will see a screen in your browser that looks like this

We have initially set up two "Competition Groups". One is for all the Open Competitions this coming season. "Submissions" shows how we can use PhotoEntry to collect images for things that are not internal competitions, such as Digital Evenings or after model nights.

On the next screen, click "Choose JPEG..." Note the maximum file size!

• The name of the file doesn’t matter. PhotoEntry will rename it as necessary.
• You don’t have to size it – but see below

Select your photo in the usual way. If all is OK, you can click Add This Entry

3 Add another entry if needed
This screen tells you all you need to know! For now, just click on "Add New Entry".

The green OK next to the image tells you that everything is OK! Your image is correctly sized and has the right colour profile. Potential problems will be flagged up in red here.

If you click on the image thumbnail, you will see a full-screen preview in a new browser window.

As this competition allows two entries, I can now click on "Add New Entry" and repeat the process.

• If you want to change the Title, click the pen icon.

• To reload the image (maybe after re-editing it), click the recycle icon.

• To delete the entire entry and start again - click the dustbin!

Important points!

• You can change your entries at any time up until the Close Date.

• If the Colour Profile is "incorrect", you will be warned but may still enter the image at your own risk! Images may look strange when projected (it doesn’t matter for prints)

• In my opinion it is always best if you size your images correctly before you load them - but see below

• Images SMALLER than the target dimensions are NEVER resized

• If you upload an image MUCH larger than the target dimensions, PhotoEntry will resize it for you and tell you what it did.

• Images SLIGHTLY larger than the target dimensions will NOT be resized and/or you will get a warning message.

If you now click on the small "Open Competitions 2019-2020" link at the top of the screen, you will now see a button to display a useful status summary of all your past and current entries!