Lockdown Links & News (New Link Added)


    The New WCPF Website.---Click here

    Link to Photoentry page ---Click here

    The Panel of 5 competition.Peter will judge. Entry is up to three panels. For each panel that is 5 individual images + a composite of the panel.
    Let me know if this needs clarification.
    Up to three panels are allowed, that is 18 images in total. Closing date for this is Wednesday 8th April.
    Let me know if you have any problems creating the panel composite and I can help.
    If you log in through this link it will take you straight to the competition    click here

    This a link on how to create a panel of five---   click here

    Producing a panoramic print.

    I know that some people think that producing a panoramic print is some form of dark art but it can be made using near enough all cameras and a great many printers, including A4’s.
    There is a link to a really good tutorial on the tuition Section

    There is a link to a free program called called Darktable which can be used instead of Lightroom see the tuition Section

    Best regards, and all keep safe.