2020/2021 Zoom Lockdown Program.

    ZOOM PROGRAM 2020/2021

        Wednesdays 3rd June 7.30 pm.---Zoom Meeting will be a live talk given by John Tillsley

        Wednesday 10 June 7.30 pm---Still Life at Home competition plus images from Steve Hallam.L.R.P.S.

        Wednesday 17th June 7.30 pm--- My Digital View by Peter Weaver LRPS CPAGB APAGB

        A wide selection of recent images which have been shown to local camera clubs

        Wednesday 24th June 7.30 pm- ---Abstracts by Colin Southgate FRPS DPAGB

        A talk from this member of Harpenden Photographic Society. This is the link to Colin's Website---Click here

        Wednesday 1st July 2020.---Digital Evening- Clouds

        An e-mail with a link to Photo Entry will be sent out . Closing Date 24th June

        Wednesday 8th July 2020.---Affinity Demonstration with Steve Hallam

        Steve will explain some features of this photo-editing software.

        Wednesday 15th July 2020.---Gareth Martin CPAGB AWPF---In The Making

        Gareth, who visited the club just over ten years ago shows us a selection if his images

        Wednesday 22nd July 2020.---Photos Taken on Club Events

        A chance for you to submit up to six images and hopefully talk about them on the evening.

        A link via Photo Entry will be available.

        Wednesday 29th July 2020.---This evening we will look at the entries for Competition 4 which we should have seen at the club in March.

        Wednesday 5th August 2020.---Rod Sloane---The Joys of Sports Photography---We welcome this Sussex based sports photographer who will present a selection of photographs not normally seen at Hanham PS,

        Please see Rod Sloane's Instagram page--Click here.

        Wednesday 12th August.7.30pm 2020.---The subject is "Lock Down" freely interpreted

        A link via Photo Entry will be available

        Wednesday 19th August 2020---Catherine Knee LRPS Talk:--- Reality is Overrated .I have no interest in reality. If I want to see reality, I have only to open my eyes every morning. I want more. We don’t have to fit in a box if the box doesn’t suit us". Images are selected from portraiture, fine art nudes, and fantasy/composite works, showing a combination of conventional photography, and not. Mostly not.

        Catherine's Website---Click here

        Wednesday 26th August 2020 --- Show and Tell

        This is for Members to show us your 6 Favourite Images. Enter your images in the using PhotoEntry

        We have removed our usual 3 year age limit for this. You can upload from now to PhotoEntry
        The direct link to PhotoEntry---Click here

        Wednesday 2nd September 2020. ---Nick Church---Landscape Photography and Editing in Lightroom

        Nick was due to visit us in person and will do in 2021 but he will present via Zoom a practical demonstration which should be useful for many of us. He also runs courses and more details on these will be sent to members.

        Nick's Website---Click here

        Wednesday 9th September 2020---Ken Payne- Flower Macro Photography

        Ken , who is a busy Photoshop lecturer will present this practical talk for us.

        Thursday 10th September 2020---SHEPTON MALLET PRISON

        I am organising an outing to Shepton Mallet Prison which will be the first we have had for some time .The prison is open for a limited time before being converted into housing and is a fascinating place to get some different photos as you might have seen with Dave Bathard's visit to HPS. I have been twice myself and I believe it is safe in terms of social distancing as it is a big site. Most of it is inside but you can keep well away from others.
        I suggest meeting at the ticket office at 11.00am although a good place for coffee before is Harlequins Cafe at Kilver Court where you can park your car and you might want to meet there earlier at 10.00am and walk through to the prison. Afterwards there are some lunch options in the town even though it is short of good pubs. Collett Park in the town is an afternoon option for photography. Thank you Peter.

        Wednesday 16th September 2020

        Gary Langley DPAGB- Faces and Places

        Gary will tell us about some of his favourite photos. He is well known as a fine photographer and very good at prints. He is in much demand for talks

        Gary's Website ----https://www.garylangley.co.uk

        Wednesday 23rd September 2020

        Ladies v Gents Battle

        Who will win this year?

        You will be advised before the evening how to submit your entries.


        Wednesday 30th September 2020

        Digital Evening- A Rainy Day

        Please enter up to six images for this to be discussed.

        The Photoentry link is here .---Click here

        Wednesday 7th October 2020.---Dave Mason---LifeDave is a Kent based photographer specialising in street photography who visited HPS a couple of years ago. He was due to visit us in person but will now present his latest talk via Zoom. His photography is excellent and not to be missed.

        Dave's Website---Click here.

        Wednesday 14th October 2020

        Competition Number One

        Here we go again. How will you do this year. Please support this

        Wednesday 21st October 2020. --- A change to the subject, which is now Autumn Colour

        A chance for you to show up to six of your photographs and talk about them and get others in the club to talk about them as well.

        A Photo Entry link will be available here---Click here

        Saturday 17th October to Saturday 24th October 2020

        Falmouth Trip

        We can spend one day in Falmouth-lots to photograph..it would be good to get the ferry to St Mawes on another day and to see the castle and maybe get the other ferry to Place as this area is also attractive.

        The Lost Gardens of Heligan- one of the best gardens in the UK but needs to be pre-booked. I will send out a further e-mail next week.

        Glendurgan ( National Trust) lovely gardens which need to be pre-booked.

        Cornish Seal Sanctuary at Gweek-a wonderful place and a chance to do wildlife photography.

        Kennall Vale-woodland and waterfalls.

        Wednesday 28th October 2020---Mobile Phone Competition

        As the website now has a section for these images do you have any which could win? Details on how to submit entries to be advised before.

        Wednesday 4th November 2020

        Leigh Woolford Hon FWPF DPAGB EFIAP AWPF BPE3*- A Search For Focus

        Leigh was due to visit Keynsham and ourselves for a joint meeting. He has been booked in again for 2021 with his print talk but in the meantime he has kindly agreed to show us his digital presentation. He is a very successful photographer and we are in for a treat.

        Leigh's website is--- Click here

        Wednesday 11th November 2020---Dr Keith Snell EFIAP EPSA LRPS - My Restless Years

        My Restless Lens covers the broad range of my photography: wildlife, figurative, abstract, impressionist landscape;

        Keith's Website-- Click here


        Wednesday 18th November 2020

        Glyn Edmunds-Kenya Photo Safari

        Glyn is a very successful and popular speaker and shows us some of his superb African wildlife photos.

        His website is---Click here

        Wednesday 25th November 2020---Tim Pile- Nudes In Pictorial Settings

        Tim is a very successful photographer who specialises in nude and figure photography.

        This is very tastefully done but please be aware of this evening's content.

        Tim's Website---https://timpile.co.uk

        Wednesday 2nd December 2020<

        Competition Number Two

        Time to build on Comp One's successes?

        Wednesday 9th December 2020

        Jane Lazenby BA Hons ASEA SAAPA QTFE2 UKCPS LRPS BPE3* CPAGB AFIAP LMPA EFIAP- Working With Textures

        Answering all the what and how questions, I go through sourcing and creating textures , how to use blend modes and then 3 different methods of how to apply textures to an image.

        After a short mid way break, I invite the club to submit random images for a live edit where I will take between 3-5 images and apply textures from my own stock to create final pieces., narrating every click on route. I believe that seeing the process happen 'for real' is very valuable for viewers.

        A talk that always goes down well as a hands-on 'how-to', I travel slowly and clearly through the technical aspects, happily repeating steps if requested.

        Jane's website is---Click here

        Wednesday 16th December 2020---Paul Stanley FIPF EFIAP/g ESFIAP-Recent Images

        A pre Christmas treat to this highly successful photographer from Dublin, Ireland
        Click here

        Wednesday 23rd December 2020.

        Christmas Dress Optional.

        Quiz Night with Peter Weaver

        Sixty digital images.

        Wednesday 30th December 2020

        Selection Evening for DPIC 2021.

        You are welcome to attend this to look at how our entries will be selected. We have to reduce 118 down to 18. A Zoom invitation will be sent out.


        Wednesday 6th January 2021

        Sharon Prenton Jones FRPS ARPS DPAGB ABPE EFIAP/p & Robert Prenton Jones BPE5 EFIAP/p

        The Art of Composite Photography

        The Art of Composite Photography” - This talk covers the thinking behind some of the images. The fun involved both on the shoot and playing with Photoshop afterwards. Hints, tips and plenty more. Deconstructing images and making a composite image live.

        Robert Prenton Jones.website ---Click here


        Wednesday 13th January 2021.

        Leigh Preston FRPS EFIAP MPAGB- Photographic Themes

        Leigh is unable to travel to us but has put together a talk especially for us on a memory stick. A chance to see the work of one of Britain's top photographers.

        Wednesday 20th January 2021.

        Show & Tell Evening- Where I Live

        As many of you have not been very far this year please :---

        Submit up to six images taken within the last twelve months no more than five miles from where you live.-

        A Photo Entry site will be open in due course to submit photos.

        Wednesday 27th January 2021.

        Competition Number Three.

        Getting near the finish. How are you doing?

        Wednesday 3rd February 2021.

        Jo Knight DPAGB AFIAP BPE1 QPSA

        Overcoming Obstacles

        A 4-year journey from absolute beginner to photographic distinction, with a few hurdles along the way! Over 80 images depicting wildlife, light painting, portraiture and creative photography.

        Jo's website is https://bamimages.net

        Wednesday 10th February 2021.

        Stan Farrow FRPS EFIAP DPAGB

        Stan is from Scotland, this is his website----Click here

        Twenty-Twenty Vision” An overview of work in my 2019 exhibition, and more work produced during lockdown. “Still Life Backgrounds - Construction Tips

        Wednesday 17th February 2021.

        Show & Tell Evening.

        Winter Scenes

        A Photo Entry site will be open for you to submit up six images,

        Wednesday 24th February 2021.


        Wildlife Photography - Part 1 covers the following - Japan, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Camargue, and UK

        A selection of images from the areas mentioned as well as some stories/experiences i have encountered Wildlife Photography - Part 1 covers the following - Japan, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Camargue, Captive and UK

        Tracey's website is --Click here..

        Wednesday 3rd March 202.

        Rosemary Wilman Hon FRPS

        “The Way I See It”

        Rosemary is a past President of the RPS

        This talk is based on the way I have approached my photography in different situations and locations. In some, by showing a series of images rather than just those that are for me the most successful, I try to provide thoughts and ideas for less experienced photographers.

        Further details Rosemary's website--- Click here


        Wednesday 10th March 2021


        Around The World in 90 Minutes

        Ian is the Past President for the WCPF and has had success in A/V competitions all around the world. He will show sequences which include America, Australia, Hong Kong, Span, France & the UK.

        His website is---Click Here

        Wednesday 17th March 2021

        The Panel of 5 competition.

        This competition is for a panel of five digital images which are to be judged as a panel. We would suggest that they have a theme to link them together.How you put them together and display them is up to you. Standard pixel sizes of 1600x1200 or 800x1200 apply.
        Peter will judge. Entry is up to three panels. For each panel that is 5 individual images + a composite of the panel.That is 18 images in total. Let me know if this needs clarification.

        How to produce a Panel of Five.
        Click here

        If you log in through this link it will take you straight to the competition Photentry page-
         Click here

        Wednesday 24th March 2021

        Competition Number Four

        The league results are decided and also the final set of the images for The Picture of The Year Competition.

        Wednesday 31st March 2021

        Guy Davies ARPS EFIAP EPSA & Paula Davies FRPS CPAGB EFIAP/s EPSA

        “Double Exposure 2”.

        Pictures that we like, covering a range of subjects from architecture to landscape with a bit of street photography and some still life, and including mono images as well as colour.

        Their web sites are---- Guy's---Click here---- Paula's---Click here

        Wednesday 7th April 2021.

        Colin Westgate MPAGB FRPS MFIAP APAGB

        The Expressive Landscape

        A camera will very capably record what is in front of it, but it cannot record what the photographer feels. This talk explores methods of interpretation that enhance the emotional content of the literal capture and transform it into something special.

        Colin's website is--- Click here

        Wednesday 14th April 2021

        Mono & Colour Digital Image Of The Year

        The award winners from the first four competitions are judged again by a different judge. What might have just got through as a commended could win!

        Wednesday 21st April 2021

        Show & Tell Evening-The Nifty Fifty

        Please enter up to six photos taken with a 50 ml lens or using 50 ml or equivalent as your focal length, The Photo Entry site will be available in due course.

        Wednesday 28th April 2021

        Annual General Meeting

        This is your chance to stand for the committee and to suggest any positive changes to the club and offer suggestions. This will probably be done via Zoom.